Core values


Our member firms depend on the trust of their clients and business partners, other member firms and the authorities. Our member firms must at all times be interested in, up-to-date on and in compliance with the laws, provisions, regulations and instructions that apply to their operations.

We make efforts to ensure that our member firms place great emphasis on the following core values in their operations:


By integrity is meant:

  • Member firms and their employees must comply with the laws and regulations that apply to the firm’s operations, including industry standards and internal routines
  • Member firms must ensure that their clients’ interests take precedence over the firm’s interests
  • Member firms must act honestly and fairly in the best interests of their clients
  • Member firms must focus on their clients and respect their clients’ time


By professionalism is meant:

  • Member firms must behave fairly and correctly in accordance with the code of business conduct
  • Member firms must handle conflicts of interest in a proper manner so that their clients’ interests are not harmed
  • Member firms must comply with their duty of confidentiality and not refer to competitors in an unfair manner


By quality is meant:

  • Member firms must maintain a high standard of professionalism within their respective business areas
  • Member firms must offer high-quality products and services with a focus on their clients’ needs and expectations
  • Member firms must always strive to be the best at all they do and to maintain a high quality of both employees and products

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