Articles of Association

The Association’s objectives are to:

  • represent its members and safeguard their professional and financial interests in relation to the authorities and other institutions
  • promote the orderly, satisfactory development of trading in financial instruments in Norway
  • organise and promote collaboration between the members
  • arrange and supervise the professional training of the members’ employees
  • provide information and service to its members

The Norwegian Securities Dealers Association is to collaborate with corresponding foreign organisations and otherwise represent its members in all other contexts where it is natural for the members to act jointly.

If you wish to know more about how the Association’s activities are organised and the requirements for becoming a member, please read the Articles of Association below.

Office address

Postal address

Fjordalléen 16

Postboks 1501 Vika

0117 Oslo




(+47) 23 11 17 40

(+47) 23 11 17 49